Bridal Headpieces in Different Cultures

Published: 20th April 2011
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Different forms of bridal headpiece are used in different cultures in their traditional wedding ceremonies. Although they are all used for distinguishing the bride, their forms and decorative styles vary widely.

In many modern weddings, the bridal wedding apparel is considered incomplete without a wedding tiara being worn. Although tiaras and other bridal wedding headpieces are more commonly associated with Western weddings, there are numerous other societies and cultures which have also traditionally used these wedding accessories.

Chinese weddings also use lots of tradition and symbolism. In traditional culture the Chinese brides have also used tiaras made from gilded silver. Their tiaras can be daring and heavy by today’s standards, accessorized with pearls and feathers. Symbols of the phoenix were commonly used and found during the wedding, hence the use of feathers on the bridal tiara. The bridal tiara was used to secure the red veil made from silk on the bride’s head.

Indian weddings are outstanding in history and tradition. Traditional Indian Weddings usually consider some of the most colorful and elaborately decorated, distinguished by wearing a variety of wedding jewelry. In India, it is common to find brides covered from head to foot with accessories made from yellow or white gold, silver, platinum, diamond and a variety of precious gems and stones. There are at least two types of headpieces used in Indian weddings.

In the Swedish wedding ceremony, the bride is trying to look like a member of royalty as possible as it can. The Swedish use what resembles an actual crown called brudkronan made from gold silver or brass during their weddings. Because of the precious metals used to make this headpiece, the crown tends to be heavy.The use of the brudkronan dates back to the Middle Ages and traditionally worn only by the virgins. As it cost quite a significant amount to have one made, these are normally passed down through generations or rented from the local church.

Native Americans also had their own style of bridal headpieces. The Native Americans use a great variety of materials including silver, turquoise, shells and beads to decorate their accessories. With the variety of tribes, designs and rituals vary greatly from one tribe to another. The Delaware tribes use wampum beads for their headpieces and placed on their foreheads. What makes them different from other cultures is that both the bride and groom wear these headpieces.

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