Traditional Indian Bridal Wedding Apparel

Published: 20th April 2011
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A traditional Indian wedding is a grand affair with mountains of people attending a wedding and dazzling colors and jewelry. Indian Bridal
wedding dress is elegant, rich, colorful and beautiful. The Indian bride has a variety of options for wedding apparel to sparkle as she drapes herself in embroidered fabrics and elegant
wedding jewelry.

Although conventionally Indian wedding apparel is the Sari, the Ghagra Choli, Lehenga and the Salwar Kameez, the humungous choices are available in each category. Since India is home to a large number of cultures and religions and culture or region has its unique wedding style, it can be a tough work to list down the bridal apparel variations in every religion and culture. Below are some of the popular traditional Indian bridal apparel styles in prominent cultures of the rich Indian.

The Bengali Bride

The traditional Bengali bride wears a Benarasi sari with a wide zari border and a red cheli or veil on her head. The bride will accessorize the apparel with an attractive headgear called sholar mukut which is a crown carved out of bark of a tree. The bride has interesting motifs made with sandalwood paste on her forehead and adupatta covered on her head, and is adorned with traditional heavy gold jewellery. Traditionally, the bride wears three types of bangles namely shankha, Pala, and loha.

The Catholic Bride

The Indian catholic bride is no different than catholic brides in other countries. White is the same choice of color, while the bride wears a traditional bridal gown with a delicate veil.

The Maharashtrian Bride

As green is considered as a sign of prosperity in Maharashtra, the bride usually wears a green sari with traditional zari embroidery. The Paithani is perhaps the most popular sari in Maharashtra which is woven by hand in the Paithan region. Also famous is the Nauvari sari which is a sari that is nine-yards in length. Although the Nauvari style originated in the era of the Maratha Empire, the Nauvari sari is still a popular form of trousseau in Maharashtra today. Usually the wedding jewelry includes gold ornaments with pearls. The bride also wears a pearl crusted nose ring called nath.

The Muslim Bride

The Muslim brides are always draped in cherry red bridal robes with heavily embroidered. Silk is generally the fabric of choice in traditional Muslim bridal apparel. The bride’s head is always covered with a Ghungat that covers not just the head but also the shoulders, back and comes down almost to the waistline

The Punjabi Bride

The traditional Punjab bride can wear either a sari or a Lehenga. The colors are generally vibrant colors like red, orange or magenta. The sari or the lehenga is heavily embroidered with phulkari work. Another characteristic feature of traditional Punjabi bridal apparel is the chuda that is a set of red and cream ivory bangles. Usually, the bride wears gold jewelry.

The Tamilian Bride

In Tamilnadu the bridal apparel is a red or maroon sari. The Kanjeevaram sari is a very popular type of sari. The bride' hair in Tamil Nadu is decorated with fresh orange and white flowers. In addition to the other common jewelry, the bride traditionally wears traditional jewelry like Raakudi which is worn in the hair and the Oddiannam which is a type of ornamental belt.

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